Afritech Solutions Limited is a leading provider of Information Technology services and solutions for a wide range of government and commercial clients to provide expertise and proven methodologies. We provides our clients with IT-enabled strategies and solutions that offer practical value today while positioning them to meet tomorrow’s business and technology challenges.

With our constant focus on improved business results, we help our clients formulate comprehensive plans for linking IT strategies and solutions to their needs. Working with us will maximise your Return on Technology Investments. With technical expertise of Afritech Solutions Ltd, business that do not have the luxury of in-house IT department are no longer at a disadvantage.

Our team of dedicated and friendly technicians and consultants provide first-class service. We are proud to offer a wide range of computer support and managed IT services With Afritech as your strategic tech partner, you can;

  • Increase your productivity; more uptime for more effective work
  • Focus on your business; we’ll take care of your technological concerns
  • Gain peace of mind; with 24/7 live on-call IT Support

Our expertise and capabilities

  1. Systems and Network Administration
  2. Oracle Development and Administration
  3. IT Security
  4. Information Assurance
  5. Database Administration
  6. Software Development
  7. IT Outsourcing

We offer support to any company and it is fast friendly and efficient. Your experience with us will be a great one.